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Fahrzeuge - info
Fahrzeuge & Wir verkaufen Nutzfahrzeug-Reparaturteile online.

Fahrzeuge - info
Fahrzeuge & Wir verkaufen Nutzfahrzeug-Reparaturteile online.
image LDV

Vans 3 to 7 seaters

 10 - 22 seated


    C onvoy - of UK commercial vehicle production, has got frame construction,     with solid front axle and rear axle drive.
 Fited with powerful diesel engines  with direct injection 2.4/2.5l Di and TDI.   corresponding with strict Euro standards. 
 For all models are warranted 2 years on mechanical parts, 4 years on
the     body and paint for two years. The first service is free.   

Van space
     B 14        B 17-22

     Van NS            Van HiL

                       Van ambulance


ldv dropside

Chassis for bobybuilders 
   with 3 and 7-seater cab

        C onvoy  chassis designed for completion are simple, versatile as a flatbed, tipping, ALU or laminate cabinets with hinged or roll-up doors, refrigeration and freezer cabinets, as a tow truck and other special bodies. 
The cabins are three or seven-seater, spacious, comfortable and safe. The choice of three (L, XL, XXL) in various wheelbases, with different lengths of body, chassis in various load capacities with dual wheels on the rear axle.

   CC sklápěč   Mrazák

  CH odtahovka   CH valník
chassis Luton      CC tahač


LDV bodies

      LDV  Convoy  trucks are for completion of multiple uses, offering a wide range of bodies from the truck with and without a sail, or dump trucks, fiberglass and aluminum enclosure, box trucks for bakery, refrigeration, flue or fixed platforms are tipping, tractor-trailers, scissor lifts and other auxiliary facilities. 

dropside ldv daf 400
Flatbed / tarpaulin
aluminum sides, anti-slipping
      L - 3,5m x 2,3m x 0,5m
    XL - 4,1m x 2,3m x 0,5m
  XXL - 4,8m x 2,3m x 0,5m
  height 2,0m
tipper ldv daf 400
Three-way tipper
aluminum sides, anti-slipping
    XL - 3,3m x 2,3m x 0,5m
  XXL - 3,8m x 2,3m x 0,5m
alubox ldv 400
Van bodies
aluminum casing, rear double doors and side doors
Casing dimensions with a wheelbase
    XL  4.1m X 2.2m X 2.0m

  XXL  4.8m X 2.2m X 2.0m

luton box ldv 400
LUTON body
laminate construction, the rear roller shutter doors
only  L a XL wheelbase
cooler van ldv 400
Refrigerated trucks
Refrigerated FNA
Freezing FNC
Carrier refrigeration unit
Thermo King refrigeration unit
- only L a XL wheelbase
recovery fahrzeug ldv 400
Tow lift - recovery vehicles
fixed platform
folding platform
el. Reel to 3000kg
- Body length up to 5m



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